Friday, April 15, 2016


To everyone that has said a prayer for our Ellie, thank you.

Your prayers are helping to speed along her progress.

Ellie had an appointment today to get blood work done, and as promised by her doctor when she was discharged, also get blood and/or platelets. I am thrilled to say that she needed neither! Her numbers are trending up so well, that we do not need to go back on Monday either. As long as Ellie shows no signs of regression (fever, bleeding, paleness) she does not need to go back to the clinic until Wednesday for her next chemo treatment. 

As of this morning, her numbers are as follows:

Hemoglobin: 10.0 (normal 11.5-14.5)
Platelets: 36,000 (normal 140,000-450,000)
WBC: 2.0 (normal 4.5-13.5)
ANC (Absolute neutrophil count): 230 (normal is 1400-8500)

If you were to look at when I first posted these number over a week ago, it wouldn't seem like much overall improvement. However, since then, all of these numbers became extremely low while the leukemia was being killed off. Now, they are slowly trending up, which is exactly what we want to see. Her ANC, which is the number used to determine how well the body can fight off infection (<500 is considered high risk), is one of the highest it's been yet, the furthest from a chemo treatment. The numbers tend to inflate drastically after a chemo treatment. So the fact that it's this high a few days out is really good. (I hope I'm making sense!)

All of this is a very detailed way of saying that Ellie is doing great!

She is so much happier being at home. Her attitude has improved dramatically, as has her eating and sleeping. She still is not wanting to move on her own, but does not mind doing her physical therapy exercises. She can be very fussy when she is picked up, and I just realized today that it's probably due to all of the lumbar punctures she received while in the hospital. I cannot believe I did not think about that pain earlier. Of course, we have been careful with her all along, but now I am more aware about that area of pain on her body.

How are we all doing? Considering everything that our family has gone through, the five of us are doing really well. I'm hoping that as the next few days slow down, I can write a more detailed post about our family experience, as well as other things that have been on my mind. But, for now, we are good and so happy to be back together. 

Please continue to pray for Ellie's complete and permanent healing.

Pray that she regains strength in her legs and wants to move around. 

Pray that her numbers continue to trend upward and that she does not regress at all. Ever.

(Jill, even though I am not on any form of social media, I will still use the mess out of that hashtag. Thank you! Everyone else, feel free to use it too!)


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