Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pictures & Ellie-isms

I have (finally) updated the majority of the posts with pictures. Feel free to go back and look at Ellie's hospital adventure. While going through all of the pictures that I have taken over the last three weeks, I realized that I have not taken many of Ellie since she has been home. I will work on taking more to share with you.

Since this blog is our documentation of everything Ellie at this point in her life, I thought I would share some phrases that we hear her say. A lot.

"Mommy hold you." (whenever she wants me to hold her)

"I wanna have some cuddles."

"I wanna have Diddy, paci." (Diddy = thread bare lamb you see in every picture; paci = pacifier. Note: Before this, since she was three months old, she only got her paci when sleeping. It's a little more frequent now.)

"What was it?" (whenever she wants to know about anything)

"I can't." (all. the. time.)

"Nasty poo again."

"It's 14 o'clock." (no idea how this started)

"Little too heavy." (go to expression when she cannot do something, often used with "I can't")  

"No please."

(but sadly, in the past few days she has learned the correct way) "No thanks."

"Have toots in my mouth." (anytime she has a burp or really does anything funny with her mouth...her sisters encourage this one)

"I've no idea." (a favorite among the doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses...they think it's a hoot!)

(and finally, she says her prayers like this) "Heavenly Father. Prayers. Amen"

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