Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Can't See the Forest for the Trees

Ellie had an appointment this morning to get her blood counts. Everything looks great! Her numbers were high...so high! 

White Blood Cells: 2.5 (this was the only low number)
Hemoglobin: 10.5
Platelets: 82,000 (this is by far the highest it's been yet!)
And, her ANC, which determines how at risk she is for infection: 620!!

This number blew my mind. Anything under 500 is considered to be extremely high risk for infection. Last two appointments she went from 230 down to 80. To see a number this high, especially over 500, is such a sigh of relief.

Munching on Chick-fil-A after a great report at the doctor's office!

Since I am with Ellie every day (obviously), it is difficult for me to see her progress. I keep comparing her to pre-cancer Ellie, and since everything falls short of that, I have a hard time seeing the strides that she is making. If I compare her to how she was on April 2nd when she was diagnosed, well then, she is a different child! 

I have been too focused on the details, and have forgotten to look at the big picture.

Ellie is regaining her strength. She manipulates her body on her own, crawls, stands up on her knees, and even walks a few steps while assisted. Earlier today I got her to walk nine steps with me holding her hands! Her color has returned and seems to have stabilized. She is gaining weight, and is only 1-2 pounds from her original weight. She is eating food, and she is eating it mostly unassisted. She is having regular bowel movements. SHE IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! (Yes, that deserves shouting.) She is talking, laughing and acting goofy. She wants to do even more!

Ellie watching a movie on Sunday.

These are all wonderful improvements! I've been focusing too much on the negative.

Instead of thinking, "She is sick because of her cancer," I should dwell on that fact that "She is well in spite of her cancer."

Her body is being healed, and her labs today confirm that. Thank you for your prayers for Ellie. Everything is helping her get better. 

At home, playing.


  1. Praise, praise, praise! Such good news!

  2. She looks great! So glad and thankful she's showing improvement. Our God is greater, our God is stronger! :)

    1. Yes, He is! He's been so faithful throughout eveything.

  3. What cute pictures! Thanks for posting.

    1. Thank you. We love sharing how everything happens.

  4. Stay positive my friend and keep your eye on the big picture. Jaclyn, I am amazed at the amount of strength you are showing and I am proud of you my friend. I love you so much.

    1. Love you too. Can this go in your book somehow? ;)