Thursday, April 14, 2016

And She's Back!

Wow! What a difference being at home makes. We have our sweet Ellie back!

Honestly, she is a completely different child now that she is home. She is falling asleep and staying asleep beautifully. (This was a concern of mine because she had been sleeping in a bed with me for 11 nights.) She is talking and laughing, compared to crying and constantly wanting her pacifier while in the hospital. It is almost unbelievable how much she changed with just one good night of sleep at home. 

Now, this good attitude isn't without it's weak moments. She is still in pain, and has been complaining about her tummy, legs and knees hurting. She did not want to move at all today, BUT for the most part she sat happily wherever I placed her. The few strengthening exercises I did with her were reluctantly received, but it is still early on. 

Oh, and she ate food! A lot of it!

Please pray that she starts regaining her strength and actually wants to move on her own.

Pray for her complete and permanent healing.