Saturday, April 2, 2016

#1 - How Did This Begin?

(Note: This blog post was originally sent as a text, which is why it is more fragmented.)
Her symptoms were the common cold (which she had too!), off and on low grade fever for about 10 days, a bunch of other things we wrote off but were warnings (complaining of being cold, not wanting to eat, tummy hurt, saying she was tired.). But the biggest, and what sent us to urgent care was that she complained of her knee hurting, and hasn't walked since Tuesday. The doctor there took one look at her, suspected it was leukemia, and sent us straight to the ER. 

At the pediatrician two days before going to the hospital.

Mike and Ellie at the walk-in clinic Saturday morning.

Once we went to the ER, everything happened very quickly. Ellie was in a room within 3 hours.

After all of the "excitement" of the day, Ellie passed out pretty quickly once in her room.

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