Monday, September 5, 2016

Enjoying the Break

While Ellie waits for the second phase of Delayed Intensification to begin, I thought I would share what she has been up to this past week.

When we all thought Ellie would be going into the hospital overnight last week, Eva made her a book to surprise her. The hospital stay did not happen, but Ellie still enjoyed her book.

To say our girls love animals would be an understatement. They love learning about all animals (thank you Wild Kratts), and the more exotic and difficult to pronounce, the better. Here is Ellie pretending to be a Peregrine Falcon. And yes, she really does run around the house, flapping her wings and yelling "I'm a Peregrine Falcon."

One of the side effects of the steroids she was on is insomnia. I have found that the side effects tend to kick in once Ellie is off of them and last for about a week. This particular day, she built a fort around herself in her crib. But, she did eventually cave and napped for a little bit. That's when I snapped this.

And, some cuddles on the couch after waking up.

Finally, we went to the beach the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Even though Ellie is basically housebound, occasionally going to the beach seems less risky because we are outside. Maybe we are being naive. Still, Mike and I can't help but think that the sunshine and fresh air is good for her. It really boosted her spirits that day, so we were glad that we made the decision to go.

Tomorrow we head back to the hospital. We are hopeful that Ellie's counts will be up and she can resume treatment.

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