Thursday, August 11, 2016

First Week....DONE!

If you have said a prayer on Ellie's behalf at any point this past week, thank you! Her first week back on steroids is over, and she did amazing. It was not with out it's rough moments, but it was so much better than we were anticipating, and significantly better than her first week on steroids four months ago. 

Ellie started the week with a lumbar puncture in the day hospital and chemo in the infusion center.

Waiting to check in to the day hospital.

She usually sleeps for about 2 hours after the procedure. 

Her request for when she woke up?
Pizza and a doughnut.
She ended up eating honeydew instead.

Ellie loves to help push her medicine.
Don't worry, it's just saline.

Then, the following Monday, Ellie went back for her peg drug. Oh, let me back up for a moment...

The previous Monday, when Ellie had physical therapy Eva and Nora came with us. They think PT is great fun and love to come. Since that is always a short visit, I figured that it would give me a good opportunity to give Eva and Nora a tour of Ellie's hospital. I took them to the cancer clinic and the infusion center. Everyone was more than welcoming, and so Eva and Nora were able to see all of the places Ellie visits with an explanation of what she goes through. 

If you know Eva, this was not good enough. She wanted to actually see Ellie in action. The next Monday ending up being the perfect opportunity for me to bring both girls to Ellie's visit. 

So, back to where I was...

Ellie had to go back on Monday for a peg drug. She got this when she first began treatment, but has not had it since. Within 4 days, Ellie received four different chemotherapy drugs and was on steroids. See, intense. She has handled it so well though, and I think she enjoyed having her sisters there. But I don't plan on bringing them again unless I absolutely have to.

There was a little bit of moodiness from Ellie during the week, but really is probably better defined as sensitivity.

Here she is, telling everyone in the car that they are too loud and not allowed to talk.
And, here she is wanting "some cuddles".

There were two days that she refused to take a nap, so maybe that was some of the insomnia. I'll gladly take that. When it's your third child, and they are they only one that does not nap, it's less of a hit to your day, if you know what I mean. Ellie slept through the night, every night, without problem. And, her congestion is finally gone! Praise the Lord! She has no cough, no runny nose, no watery eyes...nothing. 

For everyone out there reading this, thank you. Your prayers are helping Ellie get through this. Every day we pray for Ellie's complete and permanent healing, and for no long or short term side effects from the medicine. We are witnessing this prayer being answered. Thank you for joining with us in faith. Please continue to cover Ellie and our family in prayer as we still have a long way to go.

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