Thursday, August 4, 2016

Delayed Intensification Road Map

Well, it's upon us. Delayed Intensification is here. This is what Ellie's treatment looks like for the next two months.

Here is what Ellie will be receiving for the next two months:
Days 1 & 29: Methotrexate via LP
Days 1-7 & 15-21: Dexamethasone given orally (steroid)
Days 1, 8, & 15: Vincristine & Doxorubicin via IV port
Day 4: Pegaspargase via IV port
Day 29: Cyclophosphamide via IV port
Days 29-42: Thioguanine given orally
Days 29-32 & 36-39: Cytarabine via IV port

So yeah, there's a lot going on these next two months. If Ellie is going to lose the rest of her hair, this is when it will happen. It will probably happen. But, the good news is that it will immediately start growing back and it probably will not fall out again. 

Here's to celebrating Delayed Intensification with a tea party!

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