Sunday, October 23, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Ellie!

Today, our baby girl is three years old.

I will be completely honest, I do not know what to write. And if I think about it long enough, I will start crying. Again.

So, I will try to write what I can, but I will be brief. 

We are blessed to have three loving, kind, creative and fun little girls. These past six and a half months have been extremely difficult, but these qualities in our girls still remain. From the day Ellie was born she has been a joyful addition to our family. The diagnosis of Leukemia has not changed that. We are immensely grateful for every day that we have with all of our girls, no matter how hard the day.

Today, we are celebrating Ellie.  She is our sweet bitty Ellie. Bitty Ells. Ells Bells. Ellie Belly. 

Darling, we love you so very much, and are so happy to celebrate this day with you. We are so blessed to be your parents. Thank you for bringing joy to so many people every single day. Happy 3rd Birthday Ellie!

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