Friday, October 21, 2016

Good News & Bad News

Before Ellie went into the hospital earlier this week, she already had an appointment scheduled for this morning for her next round of chemo. With the platelet complications though, it was going to be a check up, with the small chance of chemo treatment. 

The visit was going to go one of three ways:

1. Platelet infusion
2. Chemotherapy
3. Nothing

Number one was what everybody expected to happen. But, it ended up being number three. The good news was that Ellie's platelet count was 46! Improving on its own, and no need for a transfusion. The bad news was that it was not high enough to receive her next round of treatment. So we wait again, and go back to the clinic on Tuesday. No matter her counts, Ellie will receive Vincristine, but she may or may not receive the Methotrexate. The Methotrexate was what wiped out her platelets before. She received it intrathecally (into her spine via a LP) and in her port. That double dose hit her hard, so she will have to constantly be evaluated to see if and how much of it she can receive.

Even though Ellie did not receive any treatment, we still went to the infusion center. Ellie's birthday is on Sunday, and we knew that they had something planned for her. 


...and singing Happy Birthday!

Ellie loved it! She is loved by so many people, and we are so blessed that she is receiving such wonderful care. Thank you to everyone that helped to make her day so happy!

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