Saturday, November 19, 2016


This is one of those posts where I do not know exactly what to say. More than likely, I will say it all wrong. But if I try to make it perfect, then I won't say it, and that would be terrible. This needs to be shared.

I went to a memorial service today for Everett James Nowlin. He is a little boy that was born with a bad heart. So bad that he should have never been born. But he was, and he lived. For almost 10 months he lived, and his life defied all odds. His life was a blessing and his story touched so many people. 

I never met Everett. As a matter of fact, I only ever met his mom once about a month ago. I know Everett's Aunt Laura, but really only within the past few months. We're new friends. 

So, why did I go to this service? How could I not? Now please, do not think I am trying to pat myself on the back here. That is exactly the opposite of what I am meaning to do. I want to pat everyone else on the back. There have been people that did not know me or Ellie, yet went above and beyond for our family. There have been people that have shared their love and support for our family, yet have never met us. So, again, why did I go? I had to. I had to support and love on this family in their time of grief, because so many people have done that for us. 

And you know what? Those people I just mentioned, that we don't know, but they still pray for Ellie...they were there today. And not just abstractly, but there in the flesh. While waiting in line, I met people. As soon as they heard my name, they hugged me and told me they were praying for Ellie. When I was greeting the family, they put aside their grief for a moment to ask me ab0ut my daughter. Still, in this moment, trying to type the words...I don't know exactly what to say.

This is the church. This is the body of Christ. 

I went into this morning intending to support and love another family. But, I ended up getting support and love in return. We are not alone. Our family isn't alone. Ellie isn't alone. 

Now, please....don't let the Nowlin family be alone. I know that they have had immense love and support over this past year. Their friends and family have helped ours. Now I am asking for our family and friends to help them.

When your child has cancer, they get a wish, a trip....something. Good happens along the way to help the family heal together. When your child dies, the family that they leave behind doesn't get a wish. They don't get a trip. 

Except, when they do.

Please, if you are able to, donate here to the Nowlin family. Help them heal and love together.

Thank you. 


  1. This. Just this. So precious. Such a way to honor them. I met you at Into the Woods. I am so glad I did bc this blessed me today.

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Amy. :) I am sure that we will see each other at future CAST events. Please say hi if you see me! I'm glad that you enjoyed this post.